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Wright Capacitors, Inc. was founded in 1977 by Curtiss C. Wright. The establishment of Wright Capacitors is attributed to the prodding of several companies frustrated in finding a source for high voltage capacitors and custom ceramic capacitors.

In 1982 Casey Crandall joined the company. A buy-sell agreement was penned in 1984. Crandall became the president and Wright retired.

Since the beginning, WCI has been a small “hand” operation servicing a limited niche market for custom designed ceramic capacitors. Business has continued to expand and now we service over 100 customers including most major domestic and international OEM’s. We are also a UL labs approved, ISO 9001 registered facility with a Six Sigma Quality Program.

With over three decades of service, our strong military, space and down-hole logging business is attributed to the long term investment in future programs now coming to fruition, as well as the emphasis to keep R & D and prototyping strong. This is our area of expertise.

If it can be done in ceramics, we can do it, The Wright Way!

Product Summary

Wright Capacitors, Inc. is a small (e<20) manufacturer of specialized multi-layer and single-layer ceramic capacitors, high voltage capacitors, and capacitor assemblies. Capacitors are electronic components that store, filter, and regulate electrical energy and current flow and are one of the essential passive components used on circuit boards.

WCI products are used in telecommunications, test and measurement, industrial controls; and, most heavily in power supplies and detonation fusing for military, Hi-Rel space, and high temperature oil exploration.

Our hand oriented, custom build-to-order capabilities, along with our personal attention, fast response, quality, reputation, unparalleled technical expertise and willingness to “do anything that can be done” fills a need for prototype and small quantities that cannot be fulfilled by high volume commodity manufacturers.

This is “Excellence Personified”!

Product lines include the microwave industry where we manufacture single-layer capacitors as small as .010” square. Custom designed high voltage capacitor assemblies represent the majority of sales, with new products constantly being developed to suit customer requirements.

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